Is Augmented Reality (AR) all it’s cracked up to be? We think so!

You will see a lot of articles these days on Augmented Reality (AR) which is the ability to augment your natural surroundings with virtual characters or stuff and interact with it.  Think of the success of Pokemon’ Go!

A recent article suggests that Apple might have just lept-frog some other leading AR providers by adding ARKit to the developer studio. This will allow app developers like Abbacore the ability to embed and enhance apps with AR by using the camera on the iPhone or iPad.

Think of applications for manufacturing like putting together a virtual engine inside of a real car!  Or ability for furniture manufacturers to show you what their furniture would look like in your newly built house without even buying it!  The applications are endless.

For more on AR check out this latest article from CNET.

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Abbacore Attending the KC IT Symposium 2017

Abbacore will be attending the KC IT Symposium this week…come find us during the 11am breakout session with one of our clients Rosens Inc!

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Why most companies have the wrong approach to enterprise mobile apps.

Companies often sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into developing an enterprise app and typically takes 6-8 months of development time and cost to the organization.  Instead they should be focusing on shortening that “time to market” to realize the benefits sooner saving time and money.

This article goes into the details of what companies should and should not do.

With solutions like inBound from Abbacore, we help our clients realize quicker time to market benefits due to a platform app solution.

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Enterprise app development capacity will lag demand 5 to 1 by 2017

Gartner research suggests that demand for enterprise apps will exceed the business IT capacity by 5x by the end of 2017. With solutions like inBound businesses can use established mobile app platforms and help reduce the cost on IT and deliver app solutions to customers and employees at an accelerated rate. For full Gartner article, read below.

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2016 Trend 8 – Location-based digital content distribution & push notifications for customers

As we continue our discussion of the top 2016 mobile trends we are seeing, we now turn our attention to businesses interacting with their customers at point-of-service locations.

As more and more apps are targeting location based customers, there is an opportunity for businesses to engage, collect and push data / information directly into the hands of their customers.

As you walk into Best Buy, the Best Buy app sends you a notification when you walk in the door stating that LCD TV’s are on sale in isle 10 today.  Or when you drive through the Starbucks drive through and order your favorite drink, it’s only a few clicks of previous orders to select from and auto payment via the app.  Or as you are walking down the street, as you get close to your favorite bar, you get a notification that you are close and to come in for 10% off your favorite food / drink.

Location based services are going to continue to be more prevalent as GPS and internal location services are refined.

We have seen success with some of our clients who are using the location based surveys on inBound™ to collect and reward customer feedback when they are in the restaurant or bar.  It’s a win-win for both as businesses collect targeted demographic data and the consumer gets rewarded for giving up a little info.

For more information on inBound™ and location based surveys visit and more info on Abbacore visit CEO on CBS This Morning CEO Aaron Levie was on CBS This Morning recently discussing the recent topics of enterprise data security and where this fight is headed over the next decade as companies ensure collaboration on their data is secure.

Watch the video here. is Abbacore’s cloud back-end partner for our enterprise app solution inBound™.

2016 Trend 7: Enabling the mobile workforce with enhanced team data sharing

One of the key trends we are starting to see is the need for employees on “teams” to see / know what other team members are doing / showing on the companies enterprise mobile apps.

It started with development of apps that general users can use, then has moved towards enabling employees to capture / track data for themselves and executives seeing that data in the cloud.  But what about what my team mate is doing? Are we both doing the same thing?  How can we be more efficient as a team?

For our clients, we have added the ability for enterprise app users to set up their own “teams” so the team members can see data collected / viewed across their team?  They can see what process forms are being use, what customers they are showing content to and who on the team is pulling their weight and who is not.  All of this is visible to the team leads and executive leadership as well.

As mobile solutions progress, the ability to enable internal business processes will become more important and the visibility of who sees what data and when will become mandatory.

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The case for better encryption – Apple’s CareKit

Apple just announced yesterday that CareKit will be available for developers to integrate apps for passing sensitive / health-related data to the individual’s phone.

We understand that this type of data is some of the most private type of data for an individual and the protection of it is paramount.

The following Wired article describes the case for better encryption as we / developers handle this data.

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